The Australia House Heritage

We pay homage to those who have come before us, great trading houses from the 18th and 19th centuries who traded between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, and draw our inspiration from these great companies.

Our story started in 1836 in Western Australia when our Irish and English ancestors arrived. The family settled in Perth and the Margaret River, soon purchasing land where the family still produce beef and lamb to this day.

Our ancestors from Germany came in 1849 and sailed for Australia, where the family landed in Adelaide as many Lutherans and Germans headed to South Australia. The first family member settled in Burra, South Australia, getting a job in a butcher shop. As he was good at the job he soon took on his own shop, building up his business and purchasing large lands, some of which are still owned by family cousins. Gustav’s son Adolf married Constance, and lived on a Station near Whyalla in South Australia.

Constance Mary started her own milk run in Whyalla, a small settlement in South Australia, where she and her husband ran a nearby station.

Grandmother Constance Mary is our inspiration for the company, and as she faced the hardship of the world in the late 30’s Mary started her own business purchasing Milk from the Dairy and hiring men and women to deliver it.

Every company has a history, and we draw from our Australian family roots and their great agricultural heritage which through generations has grown into our shared wealth of knowledge.

We named our first milk runs after Mary, and the first fresh milk we produce will be named in honour of her memory - Mary’s Milk