Launching Soon

The first Trade store will open in October 2019 and will house 500 Australian products on sale. Australia House will officially launch on November 12th in Beijing.

What is Australia House Beijing?

A three-story building modelled on the grand Old Treasury Building in Melbourne and same as the House on our trademarked Australia House LOGO.
Concept and Functions
  1.  VIP Apartments for special guests
  2. Meeting Area
  3. Forum,Theatre hall and Cultural Exhibition Space
  4. Showroom / Premanent Exhibition Space
  5. Exhibition hall

The Old Treasury in Melbourne is a major public building with great historical and contemporary significance. The Old Treasury Building was was designed by nineteen-year-old architect JJ Clark. This beautiful piece of architecture was constructed between 1858–62, and is considered one of Australia's finest Renaissance Revival buildings.

The original purpose of the building was to store the colony’s gold during the Victorian Gold Rush.

The building symbolizes trust, security, longevity, finance, looking to the future and partnership. This is why we chose this building to be on Australia House’s logo.

Inside Australia House Beijing

The Building is to bring the two countries together. Australia House Beijing will hold weekly invited events to bring the China community into Australia in Beijing, in China’s Capital.

1. VIP Apartments

The building Houses two apartments for our VIP guests coming in from Australia with full butler service for private and confidential stay in Beijing.

2. Meeting Area

We will have 4 meeting rooms for confidential meetings and in private rooms.

3. Forum, Theatre Hall and Cultural Exhibition Space

We have a theatre and forum Hall for Forums and meetings.

We have a large performance and Exhibition space for Australia Artists and Cultural Companies to show there works in Beijing.

4. Showroom and Permanent Exhibition Space

Australia House Beijing will have a permanent showroom of Australian products. Australian Cities, States and Territories all on show and bringing Agriculture, Culture from each city and State in Australia.

5.Exhibition Hall:

The building will have an exhibition Hall for trade exhibitions coming from Australia.