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Australia House the concept started in 2014 when the idea came to build a physical building in Beijing. The Launch of Australia House Beijing will be held on November 12th, save. The dates are currently Beijing sent out.

Australia House will be a Trade House, an exhibition space for Australian Trade exhibits, A meeting and Forum space for different industries from Australia.

Australia House will house a permanent exhibition of each State and Territory in Australia.

Australia House Beijing Trade Show and Industry Exhibition Space
Australia House Beijing will have dedicated trade show and industry exhibition space.

Australia House will also house cultural performances, exhibits and events and shows all in the promotion of Australian Culture.

Australia House will open in Shanghai, Chengdu in 2020 and Guangzhou in 2021.

Future network of Australia Houses in China. Step 1: Australia House Beijing
The future network of Australia Houses in China. Step 1: Australia House Beijing.

Australia House will launch its first cultural program in Chengdu during the spring Festival in 2020. We will host an exhibition called Chengdu Green and we will bring 4 cultural institutions from Australia NT. (A separate Press release will be issued in October).

Chengdu Green Event's concept art work by Australia House
Chengdu Green Event’s concept artwork by Australia House

Australia House is a Trade House Trade House opens in Beijing on October 2019. We will be opening a further 18 stores in mainland China and 4 in Australia over the next 2 years.

Australia House is an Australian owned enterprise and we have traded under the name since 2015 when the first company was registered.

We own 2 companies in Australia, 2 in Hong Kong 1 in China and we will soon, as stated, open our Beijing Company in October.

Please join us on and save the date November 12th for our National launch in Beijing.

Your invitation will be sent in September.

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